• This product along with disinfectant when odors are extreme, may be used for general deodorizing as well.


  • This product is recommended when mildew problems are present; such as drink spills and water damage; or when odors are present such as pets (not pet urine) or heavy smoking.
  • This product does not aid in the cleaning process, the main purpose is to kill the germs and bacteria that cause returning spots and odors; while also sanitizing the carpets and/or furniture.
  • Each treatment covers approximately 220 – 400 sq. ft. depending on the severity of the problem.


  • This product is used in cases where pet urine or feces becomes a problem.  Pet urine contains bacteria that causes odors; the salts and acid in the urine may cause permanent stains.
  • This product does not help in removing them. It kills and deodorizes the bacteria holding the salts and acids in the urine and feces.
  • Pet urine problems are a health risk to humans and other pets. This treatment is highly recommended when these situations are evident.  This also works on human urine and feces.
  • Each treatment covers approximately 250 sq. ft. depending on the severity of the problem.


  • Teflon repels dirt and also stains.
  • Keeps the carpets and upholstery looking fresh.
  • Keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making carpets easier to care for.
  • Teflon lasts for 18 -24 months depending on traffic and abuse.
  • We highly recommend applying protection every time you have your carpets cleaned to ensure longer life span.

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